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Our Service

We develop solutions using Power Platform and surface those solutions using Share Point, OneDrive, and Teams

Power Automation can help your team process documents, forms, and information with little to no human intervention.

We build SharePoint sites that help your team automate processes and collaborate efficiently, allowing them to do more, even with less.

Share Point

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Used as the canvas to present internal corporate information.
We build content and knowledge management solutions for both individual departments and entire corporations. For the past decade, our focus has been customizing SharePoint implementations; helping organizations utilize the full potential of this versatile tool.

Power Apps


Build both web-based and mobile apps available to anyone in the enterprise. Apps can be designed to gather information (like online forms), to present information (such as an Amazon-like catalog), or to be interactive (like a Chat Bot).

Power BI

Create dashboards and integrate data from several different applications (Excel, SharePoint, SAP, Salesforce, etc.) …all in a single, easy-to-read online report.


Power Automate

Build cross-application workflows that operate both with Microsoft applications and applications from hundreds of other manufacturers. For instance, a workflow could start in Outlook, then gather information from Salesforce, and then populate that information on a SharePoint page.

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One Drive

Provides synchronization between SharePoint and your mobile device or computer. Behind the scenes, OneDrive is simply a SharePoint library… with all the power of SharePoint build in.



Build on top of SharePoint, this mobile and desktop allow you to build web pages, libraries, and lists (just as in SharePoint) and then display them in an easy-to-use application with additional collaboration features.

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