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Solving Business Problems
by Automating Process

We do development and training on Microsoft SharePoint,
Power Platform, Teams, Microsoft 365 and OneDrive

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Our Service

We focus on using Microsoft technologies to deliver secure enterprise solutions.

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Automation and Workflows

Creating an easily discoverable, self-service website for an overworked helpdesk, or storing hundreds of thousands of documents in a single, searchable web interface, our customized approach balances efficiency and effectiveness to best meet your organization's needs.

Power Platform

Since Microsoft Power Platform launched, we have been combining SharePoint and Power Platform to create even more robust solutions.

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Customized Services

We utilize multiple tools to build customized solutions that best meet business purposes. Because we design solutions specific to your requirements, you will be able to take advantage of these tools, regardless of whether they are already familiar to you or brand new.

How we Work

We take an agile, sprint-based approach to our work. This allows us to continuously identify and prioritize issues, and to quickly develop and deploy improvements.





By focusing on a more contained set of deliverables in shorter periods of time, we can balance several key factors.


A sprint schedule sets clear expectations for the project. This clarity also helps to communicate the different components that comprise your customized solution.


Viewing the project from a sprint perspective also lays the foundation for maintenance, support, and successful training.


Dividing the project into smaller goals allows us to keep the momentum of success—not just by achieving paced milestones, but also by containing any troubleshooting that arises.


Smaller sets of deliverables support business goals by providing easily reportable progress along the way to completion.

Our Clients

We work with leaders from a variety of industry categories including
technology, energy, communication, construction, biotech, and finance.

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